About US

Results through collaboration.

Focused and fearless, we are driven by a single aim – to solve problems for our clients.
About Us


1. assistant
2. ally


1. The system of rules which a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members.

We are focussed on delivering results for our clients – innovative organisations with novel ambitions and challenges. In doing so, we solve problems across our core areas of expertise – commercial law, technology, public projects, administrative and public law, regulation, and dispute resolution – through deep collaboration with our clients.

Auxlaw was established by a group of senior lawyers who felt that private practice could serve its clients better by adopting a more practical, commercially‑aware approach to litigation, negotiation and transactions. Whether you're a large multinational, government agency or a start-up, our advice is direct, commercial, and tailored for you. 

Our specialist industry understanding, ability to integrate seamlessly into multi-disciplinary teams, and problem-solving abilities give us the capacity to offer highly effective legal solutions that meet your requirements. We focus on the things we do best, and we help you to do the same. We will:

  • Deliver advice that is tailored, useful and clear – not just abstract legal commentary.
  • Advise on practical measures to manage legal risk – not just point out problems. 
  • Drive your negotiations forward - not just respond to events.

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